In 1999,  Brody Herring (29 yo) started our business, part-time. He began hauling plant loads for a local nursery, 1 -3 days a week, with a Ford F-350 and a livestock trailer. He did this after he worked as a full time driver for McKee Foods Transportation. In 2000, Brody bought a second F-350 & an aluminum livestock trailer and hired a part-time driver to haul nursery plants. In 2001, Brody was given a promotion to Terminal Manager over Florida and Georgia out-stations for McKee. With his new responsibilities, he could no longer haul loads himself, so he hired our first full-time driver. During this time, we were also able to purchase our first tractor & dry van trailer. ​Stacey, Brody's wife, worked from a home office, managing the business, booking loads & dispatching.

From 2001 to 2011, business was good and the blessings were abundant, as Brody & Stacey began their little family. In 2002, they welcomed their first baby boy, Dawson. Three years later, in 2005, another boy was born, Brice

Brody made a job change in 2009, working for the plant nursery that got him into the transportation business, as the Shipping and Maintenance Manager. Earthgreen Farms was running four trucks,  hauling for the plant nursery. The plant nursery closed.

Brody & Stacey prayed for guidance and direction, and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Their prayers were answered as they were guided to work their small business full time. Stacey continued to work from the home office, and Brody called on prospective customers. At this time, Brody designed the business logo of a sunflower. Sunflowers are Stacey's favorite flower. The flower is standing to reflect the cross. The two leaves have a name designed in them, one with Dawson and one with Brice. Brody jokingly says that he is the bug on the ground.

As business picked up, we were able to purchase additional tractors & trailers and hire more drivers. By 2011, it was time to hire a full-time mechanic to keep up with the maintenance and repairs on the growing fleet. The amount of loads and paperwork was more than one person could handle, so we hired a full-time dispatcher, as well. 

Business continued to progress, as the fleet consisted of 4 tractors & several trailers. 2012 proved to be another year of growth, adding 3 new tractors, another trailer, & hiring an additional office person to keep up with the billing. Late 2013, we were excited to put a new road-side service truck into commission.

Each year, our business continues to expand. By 2013, we had 9 Drivers, 1 Mechanic, 1 Dispatcher, 1 Accounting Specialist, an Office Manager and a CEO. We also began construction on a new, larger office with a larger maintenance shop to accommodate our workforce and fleet.

At ​Earthgreen Farms, LLC we work together as a family, in a fun, laid back atmosphere, encouraging and supporting each other, praying together, and giving thanks for all of the blessings our business has received.